Ramadan 2009: Retrospective

I just received a nice note from a Franciscan novice who joined in the Ramadan fast … you can read his blog here.
And this from a Christian who was in the Middle East during Ramadan:

Brian, I just read your blog on Ramadan 2009 and very much appreciate your comments. I’ve been in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for 3 of the 4 weeks of Ramadan and also have been very much inspired by the discipline and love of God that is expressed in this holy month. I am a Christian who has come to have great respect for the Muslim faith. I was invited to an iftar last week, to the home of a family I had never met before. I was received with graciousness and hospitality and spent a lovely evening with people who were not of my faith, culture or even language. A friend of mine, a Palestinian Muslim, spent a great deal of the month at the Al Aqsa Mosque, and participated in the daily fasting. He has suffered under Israeli occupation and conflict for over 60 years, yet I could see the difference that this month made in his life. Thank you for sharing. Peace, Shalom, Salaam

And another reader sent this link offering thoughtful reflections on observing Ramadan in Mozambique …