Q & R: Your music?

Here’s the Q:

As a musician I am excited about your simple, in the best way, chanted music. For me it is not a far jump from Taize musically and the text is a beautiful homage to simplicity. I very much appreciate the contemplative, meditational style of your music and I look forward to introducing your music to our congregation. Thus, I have what I hope is a simple request. We are planning to use your version of “The Lords Prayer”for this summer and for your visit. My hope is to maintain your beautiful simplicity while in the Taize style adding other instruments and possibly harmonies. Which in a round about way brings me to my question. Could you please send me piano or guitar chords for “The Lord’s Prayer”? I know it’s simple and I could pull it from your Youtube rendition but I really want to start from and bud upon your original ideas.
Your help would be greatly appreciated and we welcome the opportunity to use your music for our worship experiences.

Here’s the R:
Thanks for your inquiry. The Lord’s Prayer chant is a simple scale, rising five tones and falling five tones. The key of D works well for the chant, so you could play it like this:
D – Em – F#m – G – A – G – F#m – Em (or A) – D
Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhy4vDZaJ1I&list=UUNDSqkmACuFK4gWwWYuvyjA&index=7&feature=plcp
For others interested in my music, there’s more information here: