Q & R: your best book on prayer?

Here’s the Q:

I found this comment under Q&R at your website but do not know which book you are referring to as (TBA soon)
I am looking for an honest discussion of intercessory prayer. I find myself no longer believing in it or that God would intervene to protect or bless one person over another in this way. Which book most fully addresses these questions. Thanks
From your page
My next book – we just decided on a title (TBA soon) – is about the spiritual life, and it deals with intercessory and petitionary prayer in some detail. Like you, I find a host of problems arise whenever people try to turn prayer into a fast, easy, convenient, and guaranteed (!) technique for achieving results “out there.” I’m especially interested – both in my life and in the book – in how prayer achieves results “in here” – in my soul, my character, my innermost being. And then I’m interested in how “in here” results bring change “out there.” So instead of seeing the two dimensions in opposition or as unrelated, I want to see them as interrelated.

Here’s the R:
Sorry that wasn’t clear. The book is Naked Spirituality, which came out several years back. Another place where I deal with God’s agency (i.e. the nature of God’s relationship with the universe) is The Story We Find Ourselves In, plus its prequel and sequel. I think you’ll find them helpful.