Q & R: Worship Music

A reader writes:

I know that the current state of “worship songs” has been discussed many times and I’m in complete agreement that a) we use too much King James language b) we no longer lament c) we talk way too much about blood and penal substitutionary atonement d) we don’t speak of the bigger world issues and on and on it goes…
The problem is this: where are the new songs that we need?!? We’re only three weeks into a new church plant and we’re already desperate to get away from some of these songs but are finding it hard to come up with the alternatives.
Is there a magic vault of these things somewhere? Or even just a few links to some you would recommend? I’m scouring the net but just not finding anything.
Keep up the great work!

Here are a few resources for starters. I hope some folks over at my facebook page will add some more …

I’m assuming that you’ll be able to adapt the musical styles to your setting …
The good people of Wild Goose produce and compile some of the best music available – from all around the world.
Aaron Niequist is writing the kinds of songs we need … his Here Are My Hands and Love Can Change the World especially deserve to be sung!
Another songwriter who is hitting justice/compassion themes – Bryan Sirchio.
Here are two South Africans who are also making really important contributions:
Nic Patton – amazing music.
John van de Laar – Especially see his important new book The Hour That Changes Everything
Here’s a link to some music I produced a couple years ago with some friends.
That’s just a start – again, I hope folks will add additional recommendations at my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-D-McLaren/65814657989?ref=ts