Q & R: Who is Jesus Christ to Brian McClaren (sic)

Here’s the Q:

i highlighted three quotes from A Generous Orthodoxy on my blog today, hoping to generate some discussion surrounding rejecting the notion we’ve ‘got it’ but rather continuing to seek and search for a new and better way of living, loving and thinking.
first comment from a reader was ::

‘I have some thoughts, however I’ve never read much, if any McLaren. So, you can help me frame things correctly here by answering some questions. Here goes . . .
Who is Jesus Christ to Brian McClaren? What does Brian see as being the nature of our relationship to Him?’

would you mind responding to this, either via email or on your blog?

Here’s the R:
First, thanks for using the quotes from A Generous Orthodoxy. I remember working on that book in my basement late at night nearly ten years ago, and it’s encouraging to see how it still is having an effect.
The best places to get an answer to these questions would be:
Secret Message of Jesus
or, if they don’t want to read a whole book, the first few chapters of
A Generous Orthodoxy.