Q &R: What do you offer?

Here’s the Q:

I am interested in a downloadable version of the study guide for A New Kind of Christianity. I do not have access to an ebook reader. thank you

Here’s the R:
This gives me a good chance to say that there are a lot of resources here on the site. Remember there’s a search button at the upper right corner of the home page to find what you’re looking for – but here’s a summary.

Anything related to New Kind of Christianity … here. (There’s a second link for non-e-book-format discussion questions nearer the bottom of that page.)
Anything related to Naked Spirituality … here.
Similarly, along the right side of the home page you’ll find pages with resource links for my other books.
Lots of folks tell me how much they’ve benefitted from the Bible Overview podcasts … which you can purchase/download here.
You can purchase/download some of my original music here.

I hope that helps …