Q & R: What about half a billion Spanish-speaking people?

Here’s the Q:

Hello. My name is xyz, currently living in Spain and going on a missional work to Mexico city next month. I´ve read about 7 Brian Mclaren´s books, which completely changed my life, the way I see things, in diferent types of paradigms. So I can understand English very well, but please, PLEASE, is there any possible way Brian could translate all of his books to Spanish? I´ve seen there already about three translations, but, PLEASE, tell Brian to have mercy on the like half billion spanish speaking people who would like to engage in conversation with their fellow post-modern christian from English speaking countries.
Is it so hard to do?
I could thanslate them all for him IF I only knew where to go.
But it does not have to be so hard, doesn´t Brian have any contacts with like Rene Padilla and many other spanish speaking and well respected authors who speak English and had even attended college in the USA, UK, etc.
PLEASE BRIAN, put some pressure on some people to help translate all your work. Latin America needs to engage a lot more in the emerging church movemente around the world.

Here’s the R:
Thanks for writing. I wish all my books were available in Spanish, and I hope they will be. Here’s how the process normally works. Someone writes a book in one language, which is released by Publisher A. Publisher B in another language decides that the book would be a good investment so approaches Publisher A. They make a deal, and Publisher B hires a translator for the project. The author is (sometimes) notified that the book now has been released in another language.
If you know of some publishers who you think would be interested in my work, I hope you’ll approach them – and maybe offer your services as a potential translator too. I would be grateful. The truth is that my own thinking has been deeply influenced by Spanish and Portuguese writers – like Rene Padilla, Leonardo Boff, Jon Sobrino, and many others. I would be honored to contribute to the Latino conversation in any ways I can.
Two of my books are currently available in Spanish (that I know of) …
Mas Preparado de Lo Que Piensas
El Mensaje Secreto de Jesus
Please let me know over on my facebook page if there are more. Thanks!