Q & R: We Make the Road …

Here’s the Q:

A group of us are working our way through We Make the Road by Walking in the United Kingdom. We aim to complete Chapters 12 & 13 this evening. Thank you very much for this material.I note that on pages xix and xx, i.e. in the Introduction, you refer to people who have been “mentored through this process would be ready to pass on what they had learned.” I note also that Question 8 on page 322 ask “How would you feel about forming and leading a new group to teach others what you have learned through We Make the Road by Walking?”

I am wondering if the book refers to other people within the group going on to lead other groups in the future, or is this something that you expect the leader to develop?

Here’s the R:
Thanks for this question. Many people will begin reading the book either this week (as Advent begins) or at the New Year. They’ll find a whole range of resources here.

People have told me that the book has been easy to use, and groups have been easy to lead. I hope this will be your experience too, especially with the resources at the above link.