Q & R: Voting Democrat

Here’s the Q:

After reading several of your books, I get the impression you primarily vote Democratic. While I agree with the Democrats on many issues, especially those focused on personal freedoms and social justice, I have never been able to support a candidate who is “pro-choice.” I understand that there will never be a candidate who matches my own political mindset exactly, but the potential of human life is too important for compromise. How do you deal with this issue in your own voting choices?

R: I think you’ll find this post – which I wrote during the last presidential election – to be helpful in answering your good and important question. I’m like you – I agree with Democrats on many issues, but I agree with Republicans on some issues too, and in both cases, my agreement is often partial, not complete. I may agree with the conclusion, but not the arguments made for it, for example. Sadly, both parties play some unhelpful games.