Q & R: Violence and Paul

Here’s the Q:

A bit more than a year ago, perhaps even longer you did a blog entry that looked at some exegesis of Paul that essentially argued that his exegesis is non-violent–at least for the particular passage that you referenced. Jesus does something very similar when he reads from the scroll from Isaiah 61 in Luke 4 and omits “the day of vengeance of our Lord.” in his reading.
I was wondering if you know if anyone has done any extensive work on this–either Pauline or Christological (is that even a word?) exegesis arguing for non-violence? This is a theme that has not gone away since hearing about the Luke 4 scenario and reading your blog and I am very interested in reading more about this.

Here’s the R:
I wrote about this a good bit in Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road, and it will be a significant theme of We Make the Road by Walking.
Three (actually four) theologians (among many more) who have influenced me profoundly in this regard are:
Derek Flood – it was his work that I referred to in the earlier blog post.
Michael Hardin – both of his books, and his amazing website, address Paul and violence.
Sylvia Keesmaat and Brian Walsh – their upcoming and long-awaited work Romans Disarmed will grapple with this, as did Colossians Remixed.