Q & R: Talks from Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding Tour

Here’s the Q:

Will your talks in this tour you’re about to do be available to listen to via the Greenbelt website or in any other way? I was hoping to come, but can’t make it. Others I know would love to hear you speaking too.
You and some others have been instrumental in giving fresh hope and understanding to me in a faith that often just didn’t add up. You’ve given me and some of my friends permission to search, wrestle, doubt and continue to search, and permission to allow the mystery to BE, waiting for new inspiration and understanding. Thank you for your willingness to open yourself up to criticism for the sake of truly Good News.

Here’s the R:
I don’t think those talks were recorded, although you can hear my talks from past Greenbelt Festivals at their website. However, the talks from my US tour (which were similar) should be available soon … stay tuned. I’ll announce them here as soon as they’re available.