Q & R: Primates or Dust?

Here’s the Q:

i’ve just finished reading “The Story We Find Ourselves in” … it was captivating … the ideas r creative … 8)
Just one question: evolution states man evolved from primates but the Bible states God created man from dust – how to u reconcile them? Thks.

Here’s the R: Thanks for your question. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book – people often ask me which of my books is my favorite, and I usually say, “My most recent book – and Story We Find Ourselves In.
On how to reconcile the Bible and the theory of evolution: I don’t try to reconcile them for two reasons. First, you don’t need to reconcile friends, and I don’t see the Bible as an enemy of science or vice versa. And second, the Bible is a special kind of library (as I explain in New Kind of Christianity) … but it is not a science textbook. So if I have a disease, I’ll consult a medical library. If I am getting sued, I’ll consult a legal library. If I’m having trouble in my garden, I’ll consult a horticultural library. If I’m interested in the origin of species, I’ll consult the literature on evolution. And if I’m on a spiritual journey, I’ll consult the biblical library … They aren’t in competition at all – unless we erroneously try to turn them against each other.