Q & R: Prayer for the earth … yes, please use it!

I just received this …

I have a blog about climate change at www.350orbust.wordpress.com, and today I posted the first 3 paragraphs of “The Prayer for the Earth” which you and Tim Costello have written, and which is posted on the God’s politics blog. I wanted to make sure that you are okay with this use of it. If you are not, I will remove it. However, if you give me permission I would like to post the entire prayer. I have listed you and Tim Costello as the authors, and have included a link both to your website and to the Sojourner’s blog.
Thanks, and God Bless.

Yes – Please feel free to re-post the prayer (short or long form) … available here. Thanks for spreading the word, and helping to turn “copenhagen” into “hopenhagen” – we need to go from not coping to coping to hoping to actually changing. God help us!