Q & R: our search for a meaningful faith after a great loss

Here’s the Q:

How does one go about finding a church that would most embody the open Christian theology that Brian McLaren speaks of?
My wife and I have lived in our same community for many years and been members of two wonderful, but “old-school” Christian churches. We lost our son [to cancer last year]. My wife has almost lost faith, and many beliefs I’ve held for life have changed too. My other adult children are also facing a very similar struggle with what to believe and who God is. Mr. McLaren seems to speak directly to our search for a meaningful faith.
We are reading his works, but would love to find a place of worship that more closely resembles the kind of Christian faith he writes about. Thus, my question is how does one narrow the search for such a place of worship? The emotional energy to physically visit church after church in search of the right fit is just too much for us right now.
Many thanks to any guidance you can offer.

Here’s the R:
First, my heart goes out to you as will thousands of people who read this blog. I trust many will join me in praying for you and your family. Words fail.
I’m so grateful my books have been of help to you. You’re right: it really matters to find a faith community that is in sync with where you are and where you’re going in your faith. I sent you a few specific names of congregations in your area, but your question speaks to a larger need.
We need a place where forward-leaning Christians can find forward-moving congregations. For years, I’ve been wishing and hoping that someone would find a way to make that connection.
FINALLY, I’m glad to say some folks are working on it. It’s not available yet, but if enough of us get behind Convergence, it will be available soon. You’ll find information here: