Q & R: On the Biblical Narrative

A reader from San Diego writes:

Q: My name is … and I am part of a team who are developing a 1-2 year live-in, discipleship program for homeless men and woman in … CA. I have read some of your books, and have been challenged, refreshed, and inspired in so many ways. I was hoping you could help me out….. (cont’d after the jump)

Q: cont’d

As we develop our program I want the idea of how our stories fit into Gods greater story to be central to the course. Do you have suggestions or material/books/resources that could really help us capture this idea of narrative and story? I would love to find creative ways to present the narrative of scripture to these broken and beautiful people, and then ways to help them understand and locate their story within it. Have you came across (or use in your own presentations) any resources (dvds, presentations, concepts) that you think would be a good fit?

R: As you know, this is a major area of interest for me. My book The Story We Find Ourselves In explored the biblical narrative, as did Everything Must Change. And my new book, A New Kind of Christianity, also grapples with this issue in the first of the ten questions it addresses. But I don’t think any of these would be the ideal resource for the homeless guys you’re working with … But here’s a resource worth looking into. My friend Becca Stelle from Church of the Savior in DC introduced me to Manna and Mercy. I think it could be really helpful for you in your work.