Q & R: Kill the nonbelievers?

Here’s the Q:

[Our] Men’s Study Group completed the study of your book “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road” last Sunday. Most of us agreed with many of the concepts expressed while a few of us had varied opinions.
I am writing this as in between the study, I read the ISBN 978-955-665-129-4 book titled “A 16th Century Clash of Civilizations” by Susantha Goonatilake. The author on pages 250 and 251 of his book quotes citations from the Bible that instructs us seven times, to kill the non-believers and ten times, to ignore or avoid associating with non-believers. These biblical instructions contradict the conclusion of your book that we should move away from the ‘We’ versus ‘They’ attitude ingrained in us.
I am attaching a brief biography of the author of the book, copies of pages 250 and 251, and my analysis of the citations. The writer being a Buddhist did not realize that six of the citations that instructs us to kill are from the Old Testament and the ten instructions to ignore or avoid associating are from the New Testament. He simply listed them as quotations from the Holy Book and concluded “Strong stuff indeed”. This clearly shows how 2/3rd of the world population looks at us – the Christians.
What is our response to such a conclusion?
I am sure our study group would appreciate your views on how we should react to this “erroneous concept” that is prevalent in the minds of four billion Non-Christians.

Here’s the R:
What an important question! First, I should say that the erroneous concept is also present in a few billion Christians too! I’ll address this issue in the middle third of my upcoming book (September 2016), The Great Spiritual Migration. I hope you’ll find it helpful.
I recently was sent a link to a sermon by a pastor who quoted some violent passages of the Quran, and then held up his Bible and said, “The only way we can beat this book (holding up Quran) is through this book (holding up Bible)!” But I thought to myself – is this fellow intentionally hiding the violent passages from the Bible, or is he sincerely blind to them?
The fact is that there are more violent passages in the Bible than in the Quran. Verses in both Old and New Testaments lie like loaded guns in our bedside tables, easily used to harm and kill if we don’t disarm them quickly. The current presidential primary season tells us that there are many Christians happy to quote those verses to justify carpet bombing, torture, exclusion, and other expressions of hate and violence. It makes me sick.
Thank God, writers and speakers like Derek Flood, Peter Enns, Brian Zahnd, Michael Hardin, Shane Claiborne, and many others (including yours truly) are challenging Christians to face these passages and to change our approach to the Bible so that it can never again be used for violent purposes. We are part of a “Great Spiritual Migration” away from violence and toward peace, justice, love, and joy in the Holy Spirit.