Q & R: Is an apology in order?

Here’s the Q, referring to my original post about the bin Laden code-name of Geronimo, and a response from a reader named Greg, that suggested the whole thing was a misunderstanding:

If Greg is right about Geronimo, don’t you think an apology is order for a rush to judgment?

Here’s the R:
Thanks for your question. Here’s the status of the issue, as I understand it:
1. The original news was that bin Laden’s code-name was Geronimo.
2. A later report said that was a misunderstanding, that “Geronimo” was simply a code-name for the letter “G,” and eliminating bin Laden was simply item “G” on a checklist. That report was probably what Greg was referring to.
3. Now it turns out that that later report wasn’t the whole story and may have been simply inaccurate, leaving adequate cause for ongoing concern, in line with my original post. Here are a few sites that give backstory:
So … it doesn’t look like a rush to judgment occurred. Either way, though, this controversy provides a good opportunity for US and Canadian citizens to become more aware of the dark sides of our history so we can adopt a more compassionate and just attitude towards our Native American/First Nations brothers and sisters. And then perhaps that change in attitude will spread outward towards other groups as well.