Q & R: Introduction to Other Faiths

Here’s the Q:

Brian your books have lately been part of a transformation in my thinking as an evangelical christian.
I get that your ‘Why did…?’ book is largely about removing the hostility from our faith and as part of this we engage lovingly as equals with those of other faiths. What would you recommend as good material for understanding the basic tenets of other faiths which would be realistic about their insights and shortcomings too?

Here’s the R:
The top three I’d recommend would be:
John Esposito’s World Religions Today.
Huston Smith’s introductions – several versions are available, all helpful. I especially like his Illustrated Guide.
If you wanted a distinctly Christian examination of world religions with both appraisal and critique from a Protestant Christian perspective, there are many that I would not recommend. But one that stands out is Adam Hamilton’s video series (with a printed leader’s guide) Christianity and World Religions.