Q & R: High school youth group might start walking?

Here’s the Q:

I just ordered your new book “We Make the Road by Walking” thinking I might be able to use it with my High School youth group. In one of your foot notes you say that you created a resource that provides commentary on each chapter and that we can learn more about it on www.brianmclaren.net. I’ve looked all over on the website and can’t find it anywhere. Can you direct it to me?

Here’s the R:
Sorry it was hard to find … I was a few days late in getting it up. You’ll find it here:
Let me know how it goes with your group if you decide to use it. Churches, classes, small groups, and families are already using it … and I hope that youth groups will also find it helpful. I think you’ll get a lot of good ideas from Geeked Out Soul – here.