Q & R: Great Spiritual Migration Resources?

Here’s the Q:

Our church wants to “formally” join the movement in this Spiritual Migration. Our first group to go through the book asked if there is a “primer” or summary available for people who might not read the full book. I have ordered the Cokesbury packet for a group study. I’m not sure that’s the same thing.
Also – Brian McLaren recommends in his book that new curriculum be developed, especially for children and teens. I would like to know you know of anyone specifically doing that.
Thank you.
Here’s the R:
First, thanks for your interest! Here’s the link for the Cokesbury resources:
You can buy the leader guide, reader guide, and DVD separately as well.
Second, as for a primer, these videos might be helpful:
And for children and teens, here’s a link to some resources based on one of my previous books, We Make the Road by Walking:
You may also be interested in the Convergence Leadership Project and other resources from Convergence. Information here: