Q & R: Finding a community?

Here;s the Q:

I’ve read a couple of your books and appreciate your emphasis living Christ’s message as a call for the living and working toward common good in the and not just a spiritual blanket. but I’m struggling with coming from a lifetime of being engulfed in a particular denomination, and unable to identify or connect with any individuals or groups in my locale that are on this same journey. I’m not extroverted and so am not inclined to generate social groups, but am looking to plug into something. Basically just feel unconnected, unable to connect with others and their stories. I welcome any ideas. Thank you.

Here’s the R:

So many people are in your situation. Here’s a great resource:


And if you ever decide to create a small group, my book We Make the Road by Walking could give you a curriculum for a year. Info and links here: https://brianmclaren.net/books-by-brian-mclaren/