Q & R: Finding a Church

Here’s the Q:

First, I would like to thank you for your book ‘A New Kind of Christianity’. I am only half way through it but I find myself saying ‘Yes’, and ‘Yes’ as I make my way through each chapter. I will probably have to read it a couple more times to let the thought process sink in and undo layers of ‘stuff’ I have been taught over my lifetime. I was raised Catholic, but as an adult I became Protestant. So I have all sorts of tradition and teachings to release myself from. 🙂
Anyway, here is my question. After reading your book, I am having a difficult time sitting in my classic contemporary worship service at my local YYY Church. ( I had some reservations before, but your book has made them clearer to me ). Where can I find a local church ( or even a church service on-line via the web ) that delivers the message in a way that matches your book(s)?
Thank you and will you be in Ohio anytime in the near future?

Here’s the R:

I’m so glad you found the book helpful. I must admit I chuckled at the phrase “classic contemporary worship service” – it reminds me that “contemporary” in terms of the 1980’s recedes farther and farther into the past. We’ve paid a lot of attention to matters of style since the 1980’s, but not enough to matters of substance and ethos … and that’s where we need to focus attention now.
I receive so many inquiries like this – and the good news is that more and more churches of all denominations are grappling with the substance and ethos issues. The bad news is that I don’t know of any easy way to find them!
More good news – there are lots of resources on the web that will help you. A good start would be …