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Just got this in …

I got a copy of A New Kind of Christian and it blew me away! Me and a friend are discussing it and am glad you wrote it because it is something that is starting here in the Philippines. I’m so glad our country has not gotten to where the US right now in terms of culture. (I didnt mean that in a bad way, but i used to live in Georgia before and left and when i came back around 2007 for a short stay i was culture shocked). Anyway, it helped alot but man, its impossible to get your books here in the Philippines. I’m not sure I want to pay the huge shipping cost but i still want to read the next two books in the trilogy (and maybe more)! Was hoping you could tell us where we could find some copies locally, or at least in Asia where shipping would be cheaper.
…So many good points but lol id rather not belabor the book…. Soooo looking forward to your other books (when we can get a hand on them)
Maraming salamat (many thanks in Tagalog)

I wish I had a good suggestion on where to get my books more easily and inexpensively in Asia … Hopefully, digital downloads will be more readily and internationally available soon. But in the meantime … I wonder if you have a friend or contact visiting the US who could bring you the books on their next visit?
PS: I just received this note from my friend Sam in Netherlands (thanks!):

I was just surfing on your blog and saw someone requesting your books in the Philippines. Since I am very active in the Philippines, and even lecture your books at our University, I know where they can get your books. I saw them even there: OMF Bookstores in Quezon city Manila, they have many of your books or they can order it. I hope this will help.