Q & R: Emergence? Convergence?

Here’s the Q:

Congratulations on your book release. It is a prophetic word. I pray it gets great attention. As you eloquently persuade us, we must have strong, benevolent Christian identities.
I listened to your conversation with Phyllis Tickle on Mormon Matters and I valued the combination of your collective vision and perspective on the movement as a whole. Thank you for that. Just a question on your vision of the relationship between two forces. Do you see emergence Christianity coexisting with convergence Christianity or absorbing it? Have you written something to clarify this relationship?

Here’s the R:
Thanks. I am so grateful for the response the book is receiving. I’m in California at the moment, and night by night, wonderful and needed conversations are unfolding.
I’m not a big one for arguing about terms, but here’s what I’d say. If “emergence” is the big picture, convergence is one key element. But the key question is what are we emerging into and for? What are we converging into and for?
That’s the question that seizes my imagination … not simply a movement to change the church, but to reinvigorate and refocus the church for the good of the world. I hope more and more people will want to be part of that.