Q & R: Concerned for my mind?

Here’s the Q:

I am grateful for your influence in my spiritual formation. A New Kind of Christian opened for me an eventual exit from fundamentalism. Last year’s January Adventure, the roadmap you gave in your synthesis of different spiritual evolution theories was healing, and I was greatly helped by your truly present listening and reflection in a mealtime conversation that touched on my leaving church ministry. At Wild Goose, I took you up on your offer last January to be in touch if there was a way you could be of assistance, and because of you had a very helpful, meaningful conversation with … the Center for Action and Contemplation. Thank you so much for all of these, and for your catalytic work at this juncture in time.
I have another question, and I would be most grateful for any information or resources you might direct to me. I seem to have broken through into what you referred to as Level Four being. I’ve been undergoing a magnificent series of inversions, synchronicities and graces that have led me not only into a new integration with myself, but have overturned my life. I am letting go my things this week, and will be on a plane for Cambodia this Saturday. I didn’t do this – it’s astonishing how everything has come together for it. I have little idea what this will be yet, but I can’t help but to follow.
I did go back and review my notes from your lecture and writing about Levels Three, Four, and the space of transition between, but I couldn’t find what I need and was hoping you could help me with this: I’m not sure what to do with the “signals” I’m getting. It is like a hyperawareness, by which a regular occurance comes across to me as having superregular overtones. I have by trial and error learned over the last couple months that they are not literal, and they are not general – I think they are more like dream language, metaphorical and generally about the dreamer. But I’m not sure how to interpret them, or to what extent to follow them. I started following the synchronicities just as an experiment, but I’ve experienced such good through them that it’s becoming more like a way of life via receptivity/openness. I would do the same here, but I don’t know how to “read” what I’m getting. Does that make any sense? I’m hoping this is part of Level Four being, since it came at the same time. Otherwise I might be a little concerned for my mind.
I appreciate any advice you might give me, or any resource you might suggest in learning more about how to be in the world in this new way.

Here’s the R:

Thanks for your note. First, I should tell you that the material I shared last January came out in a book a few months later. It’s called Naked Spirituality, and I think you’ll enjoy it and find it very helpful to you.
Second, your question highlights the importance of seeking good spiritual direction, either through a trained spiritual director or through some trusted soul-friends. Your instinct to write to me – to say, “Is this normal? Does this sound healthy?” – is a good instinct and I’d encourage you to find a person with whom to examine your life, experiences, and responses in person. Here’s a good link to learn more: