Q & R: Brother, Can You Dumb it Down a Little?

Here’s the Q:

Brother, the slings and arrows. Some, even many, would say it’s a mistake to call you brother. Ouch. Brian, I am glad to call you brother and teacher, even healer. Like you I grew up in the shadow of John Nelson D. I still struggle with the wound I received from those brethren. My greatest struggle is the Bible. I recently discovered a short piece that you wrote called A New Kind of Bible Reading. That bit of writing not only outlined my struggle but also the remedy. Thank you.
Last Sunday maybe at the height of my struggle I sat down and wrote what I do believe. Actually my theology is a little broader than this, but this is the only part I have confidence in, that God is Light and Love. The rest of my theology is wounded and confused. Thankfully I am finding the nerve to be honest about it and some new friends and pastors to talk about it with.
One of my concerns after spending a decade as a street pastor, is that the process is too scholarly. It’s too scholarly for me, with my ADD and visual learning (dis)ability, never mind my street friends with their many challenges. I love that you are gifted that way and do my best to read your books. I think you are right on, daring to challenge empires that oppress, especially religious empires. However, y’all haft throw a dog a bone. I dunno, dumb it down a little, so a kid can understand it, a 50 something kid. Too much of your stuff is aimed at academia, if you make it make sense to those who live on the streets, my guess is that the smart guys will be able to follow along.

Here’s the R:
Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement to keep things simple. Your words come at an opportune time – as I’m beginning my next book, for which they are especially relevant. More on this after the new year …
I also can’t help but think that we’re all translators … trying to help various audiences see whatever it is we’ve been able to see. So … we’re in this together!