Q & R: Another on EMC

I recently received this question from someone who saw a TV show where I presented on EMC. (You can see the show here.)

I enjoyed your talk on UCTV immensely. One diagram in your presentation was very close to two mathematical problems I am investigating. This was the Framing Story diagram at the 13-minute mark of the video.
I would like to know — in terms of your own thinking and researching process — what was the origin of this diagram? When you constructed it, were you thinking of Set Theory or Systems Theory, or perhaps adapting it from a specific source? And which publication of yours includes the diagram so that I may see it more clearly?

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Thanks for the question. Nobody has ever asked me about this before …
First, the diagram is from Everything Must Change.
I have always found set theory helpful – since originally encountering it in middle school, actually! And I have been a huge beneficiary of Systems Theory as well – since reading Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline shortly after it came out.
When I was researching EMC, I was greatly helped by the work of economist Herman Daly, and my diagram is an adaption of diagrams he uses in several of his books, notably Beyond Growth.
Thanks again for your question, and I hope this will help in some way with your math problems! I’m glad you enjoyed the UCTV show.