Q & R: Addressing patriarchy in hymns and worship songs?

Here’s the Q:

I heard you speak earlier today at the Festival of Homiletics.  Thank you for your sermon and your lecture.

I was most excited by your invitation to contact you regarding a group you are working with to address the patriarchy and other systemic issues related to worship music and hymns!  This is an ongoing area of concern for me as well and I sometimes re-write hymns to keep a familiar and have different words.  I’m interested in learning more about this project and possibly teaming up with others.

Here’s the R:
Thanks for your interest! I was referring to the amazing work being done by Bryan Sirchio and others through the Convergence Music Project. You’ll find information here:
The byline says it well – music for a just and generous Christianity! I hope all who read this post will spread the word.