Q & R: A daily devotional?

Here’s the Q:

I have been reading the “Utmost to His Highest” devotional: inspirational at times, very Calvinist at times. My Executive Presbyter recommended you as a “post-modern” and more liberal theologian (though I agree with Oswald Chambers’ view on the primacy of love). I looked for devotional CDs from you, found and bought the Bible (even though it’s not quite what I was thinking of, still very inspirational), but wondered if you had a suggestion for a CD of devotional thoughts resonant with your theology I could listen to (driving around, etc.).

Here’s the R:
I’m glad you’re finding the Voice project rewarding – as you’ve probably figured out, I contributed Luke and Acts to that project.
The good news is that you can find exactly what you’re looking for here on the site. A few years ago I recorded 51 short (20 minute) podcasts to provide an overview of the Bible. The podcasts were distributed through an online company that went out of business. People kept telling me how much they enjoyed the series, so we created a simple way you can purchase and download them. Here’s the link:
You can download the first three for free to see if you like them. Here’s an outline of all 51 podcasts (thanks to Helen Luther for this outline!):

Podcast # Biblical Episode Themes Texts
1 Creation In the beginning Genesis 1
2 Creation Two Creation accounts Genesis 1 and 2
3 Creation Holiness of rest and connection Genesis 2
4 Creation Borrowed narratives Psalm 19
5 Crisis Reading Biblical texts in historic context Genesis 3
6 Crisis Human development/continued crisis Genesis 4; Genesis 6
7 Crisis Importance of identity as God’s chosen Genesis 10-11
8 Calling Blessed to be a blessing Genesis 12
9 —— A revolutionary kind of revolution Luke 18; Mark 1
10 —— Justice and Mercy Matthew 5 & 12; Rev 19; Hosea 6; Micah 6
11 Calling God’s interaction with human experience Genesis overview
12 Calling Maturing understanding of justice Genesis 1 & 2
13 Calling Being ‘us’ without having to create a ‘them’.
14 Conversation Overview of OT
15 Conversation God invites us into conversation Exodus 3
16 Conversation God’s invitation to honest engagement. Exodus 3
17 Conversation Conversation versus dictation Exodus 6; Job
18 Conversation Q & R: -Systemic injustice -Missional Church -Q’s about “Emergent Church”
19 Conversation Q & R: -Anabaptist Tradition -Thoughts on Jesus Seminar -Brian’s faith journey -Teaching the biblical narrative to children
20 Conversation Q & R: -Subversive tale of Jonah -Struggle of ‘being emergent’ in traditional church -How to avoid ‘weoponizing’ beliefs -Ananais and Sapphira
21 Conversation Q & R: -Understanding the OT through ‘Jesus lens’ -Would Jesus be ashamed of Christianity? -Kingdom of God? -Emergent-Fundamentalist relationship
-Nature of Jesus A Generous Orthodoxy, chapter 10
22 Conversation Q & R: -GLBT and Emergent Church -Other authors/books?
-Pentacostals and Emergent? -Exchange Life Teaching -Sacraments? -Definition of Faith
23 Christ Discussion of ‘Word made Flesh’ -Christ in relation to Creation and Crisis John 1, Genesis 1, 2 Corinthians 5
24 Christ Christ in relation to Calling and Conversation Genesis 12, Psalm 117, Matthew 5, John 4
25 Christ Prophetic prayers of Mary and Zechariah Luke 1
26 Christ What was the ‘Kingdom of God’ to the people of Jesus’ day? Mark 1
27 Christ Kingdom of God
28 Christ Kingdom of God
29 Christ ‘Follow and you will understand’ Matthew 13
30 Christ Revolutionary message of the Cross Matt 10; Matt 16; 1 Corinth; Gal. 5
31 Christ The Cross nullifies barriers between peoples. Ephesians 2
32 Christ The Resurrection
33 Christ The Resurrection Romans 1-7; Romans 8; Matt 28
34 Community Religion vs. Discipleship Prayers of the Church; 1 Corinth 12-14
35 Community Continuing the work of Jesus Prayers of the Church; John 20; Matt. 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; Acts 1
36 Community Acts/Pentecost Acts 2
37 Community Bridging cultural barriers Romans 14
38 Community Peace through suffering
39 Community Honoring the church in all its forms
41 Consummation Eschatology I – Past/Present/Future
42 Consummation Eschatlogy II Matthew 1, Luke 19; 1 Cor 3
43 Consummation Son of Man I Daniel 7
45 Consummation End Times through the centuries
46 Consummation What are we waiting for? Matthew 22
47 Consummation Faith that changes the world
48 Q & R: -Freedom to question, -Inerrancy? A Generous Orthodoxy
49 Q & R: -Fear and Faith -Demons -Divinity of Jesus Everything Must Change
50 Q & R -Faith of Fear, -Satan and Demons?, -Is the Trinity Biblical?
51 Q & R, -Church structure in postmodern times, -God’s Sacred Economy, Everything Must Change, Chapter 16
(Again, many thanks to Helen Luther for providing this helpful outline.)