Q & R: A 21-year-old European reader asks about anger

Here’s the Q:

I’d like to thank you for your awesome work. It really speaks to me, a 21-year-old young adult, who’s in love in Christ, but not in Christianity.
My question to you is the following: How do you deal with anger coming from fundamentalists? For example, I believe in the restoration of all things (apokastasis a la Gregory of Nyssa), and I don’t find homosexuality or premarital sex to be sins. This really makes fundamentalists roast at me, and I’m seen as less Christian by them.
They usually just dismiss my views by quoting the Bible, and then they proceed to offer an interpretation of the quoted verse. I disagree with the interpretation, which results in me being seen as disagreeing with God. That’s just ludicrous and brings us back to the Garden of Eden (Adam and Eve wanted to be gods). I see this condemnation as part of the cross I have to bear for Christ.
I bet you have had worse experience than me due to your progressive books and refreshing opinions. So how did you deal with the judgment and hate?
Kind regards from a European bro in Christ.

Here’s the R:
Thanks for your question. My friend Rob Bell offered some excellent counsel on this question just yesterday, which you’ll find here.
And here is something I’ve written on the subject …