Q & R: 2 unusual questions …

Q # 1:

Have you ever thought about leading a study tour of the Holy Land?

I did help organize a tour of Israel and Palestine, focused not only on ancient sites but on the current conflict there. It was a great experience, led by Jeff and Janet Wright (below). If any of my readers are interested in such an experience, all I can say is it is life-changing. I’d highly recommend you avoid tours that avoid presenting a balanced view of current realities. Several groups lead responsible and balanced tours. Two of my favorites are …
Footsteps of Jesus – led by my friends Jeff and Janet Wright
The Global Immersion Project – led by my friend Jon Huckins
Q #2:

I was just wondering what days Brian will be talking at the Greenbelt Festival and what is the event he will be talking at in Zurich in November? I really want to go to both so any information would be great.

I’ll be at Greenbelt the whole time, but don’t know my specific speaking times yet. Info here. And I’ll post information on my time in Zurich as soon as I have it – on my schedule, here.