Q & A … about us “old folks”

Steve Knight (who does a tremendous job with the emergentvillage.com blog – thanks, Steve!) passed on this comment/question from the site

Not sure this is the place to say this, but will give it a swing. I am a seventy-two year old Mennonite and am much taught by emergent thinking. Question: Is there any room for “old folks” in the movement? I ask you that, Brian, because I see something that looks like a little gray in your beard…

First, you’re quite charitable, as “a little gray” is now a major understatement. (I was buying a fishing license recently and the form asked “hair color” to which I replied … none.)
Second, as a 52-year-old, I’m right between you and 32-year-olds, so I think there’s room for all of us. In my speaking, I frequently encounter people well over 80 who truly “get” what we’re about.
Third, there’s not only room, but there’s a special need for older, seasoned voices.
And fourth, I think there’s a special need for folks of an Anabaptist heritage like yourself. Your community has centuries of history practicing what many of us are just beginning to learn. So thanks for this good question!