Proud of Maryland today …

Although I live in Florida now, I spent most of my life in Maryland. I just got this news from Raise Hope for Congo:

Moments ago, Governor O’Malley signed Maryland’s conflict minerals bill into law.
Maryland just became the second state in the country to address the link between the minerals in our electronics products and the ongoing violence in eastern Congo.
Thanks to your activism, the state of Maryland is now required to consider a company’s actions on conflict minerals before purchasing from them. If companies want Maryland’s money (and trust us, they do!), they’ll need to start making their electronics with minerals that benefit rather than destroy communities in eastern Congo.
Congratulations, Maryland! You just set an example for the rest of the United States. Your action for Congo shows that Maryland is a place where human rights abuses are not taken lightly.

Way to go, Governor O’Malley! Congratulations, Marylanders!
To learn more about conflict minerals, check out