Poetry in Commotion

The faster and busier life is, the more we need the poets. Terry Chapman offers some beautiful poems on his site.
Here’s a sample with obvious resonance with my work (thanks emergentvillage.com).
The QUESTions
I will follow the poet’s advice
and love the questions that
dwell in the darkness of
which I was born and to
which I shall pass.
I will love the questions
and the shadows they
cast on my path
in spite of the resulting
sadness that settles in my heart.
I will follow the questions more
than the halogen light whose
limiting beam shines on the walls of
rooms of our own making
falling short of the mystery beyond.
The questions, I trust,
will lead me though the
door in the wall of certainty
into the limitless darkness;
a darkness that embraces all.

Terry Chapman