Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles … here’s a Christmas gift for kids you love.

Cory and the Seventh Story is a beautiful illustrated book for children of all ages. Its message is especially important in times like ours.

Here’s ordering information:

Central to the story is a poem by a character named Swifthorse. Below, you’ll find a musical version of the poem (performed by two of my wonderful granddaughters, Ella and Ada).


Here’s audio only:

Here’s the song paired with illustrations from the book:


Gareth HIggins and I wrote this story and originally self-published Cory and the Seventh Story with lovely illustrations by the amazing Heather Lynn Harris. We sold out of the original version, and we’re thrilled that Penguin Random House picked it up. They chose another talented illustrator, Anita Schmidt, and asked us to shorten the text a bit to make the book more accessible to younger children with shorter attention spans.


At this link, you’ll find ordering information and you can access free bonus resources – a game for kids and a collection of essays for adults: