Palestine update …

Thanks to all who keep the Middle East in your thoughts and prayers. Let’s keep praying for an outcome that is pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian … Here’s an update from Palestine:

Ten families in the Jordan Valley region of the West Bank have received notices giving them 24 hours to evacuate their homes. In spite of documents proving their ownership of the land, the Israeli military claims that the homes of the Daraghmah and Al-Makahmreh families now sit in a “fire zone” that puts the residents “at risk.” If evicted, the families would join 600 other Palestinians made homeless in the past year by house demolitions in the West Bank. Lord, have mercy.
Municipal officials have announced their intentions to approve a “master plan” for East and West Jerusalem. Through zoning, taxation, and other legal measures, the plan will further stifle Palestinian development and expand existing Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. We pray that this far-reaching action will be stopped and that Jerusalem will one day be a city that is accessible to all people.