One of the questions I’m asked most often …

Here’s the Q:

Hi Brian! I’m yyy from California. I’m your biggest fan. I’m a novice writer. What is the most important advice you can give to someone who is beginning to write a book? And why? I hope you are having a great day. Thank you very much!

Here’s the R:
I wish I knew what to advise aspiring writers these days. It feels like we’re dancing on a moving floor … the rules are changing so radically. My publishing life began in the “old world” – before ebooks and self-publishing were such a thing, and when traditional publishers asked about your title before they asked “what’s your online platform?”

1. Go online and find advice for writing a book proposal. That’s your book’s “resume,” and it’s REALLY important. You have to give them a fast reason (in, like, 15 seconds) to notice your proposal in a pile of other proposals, and then you have to reel them in with a great topic, great writing, and great marketing ideas once you hook them.

2. Pick a few publishers that have published authors you like – some big names, and some lesser known names. Send your book proposal to the acquisition editor(s) at these publishers (you’ll find info online) – one at a time – and see what happens. You may need to send some polite and gentle (but persistent) nudges. Remember, their piles of proposals are very high (which is why #1 is so important).

3. You could also look for an agent. Sometimes that’s harder for a first time author than finding a publisher though … again, an online search to find the agents for authors you like would be a good start.

Here’s some advice I’ve given in the past:

and here (the link in the previous post is broken)

The good news: with a good blog, you have an instant world-wide reach for your writing.

The other news (not sure if it’s more good or bad): Because of blogs, people are reading more great material than ever, but don’t have to pay for it, which changes the game for traditional publishing.

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