On Naked and New

A reader writes …

I am almost finished with your book, Naked Spirituality, and I wanted to write and say thank you. I think we are about the same age and many of your stages of faith have paralleled mine. I was heading from discouragement to despair when I happened upon your book. I am now seeing my faith as a journey in stages and it is helping me so very much and giving me a positive outlook for the future. Keep writing!

Another reader writes:

With a small groupe of our church ( in the Netherlands) we are reading your book ‘a new kind of christianity’. And I just watched a short video with you being interviewed about the authority question.
After reading and hearing you about it, it really makes me think of the jewish way to study the Tora/Tenach. You are speaking about the bible as a library; again I’m thinking Talmut Did you ever think about that comparison (never mind my english…)
I am really enjoying your book and feel inspired by it. Also glad that our minister points to you and others. A very good thing to keep on learning, talking, discussing……
Thanks for that,