Note to Denominational Leaders

If you’re a bishop, executive presbyter, district superintendent, canon, dean, Christian education specialist, regional minister, new church development staff, consultant, or other denominational executive, or if you’d like to forward this to the relevant person in your network, this message is for you:

Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many gifted and dedicated church and denominational leaders … people like you who are helping strong churches thrive and grow, weak churches turn around, and new churches begin.
I believe my next book, We Make the Road by Walking (June 2014), could be of special help to you and the churches you serve in at least five ways:
1. Whole churches could use the book as a year-long curriculum (or on a quarterly basis) in basic Christian faith and living.
2. Adult classes, small groups, and youth groups could use the book for their own spiritual growth – and as a venue to welcome in new people.
3. New and experimental congregations could form using the book and its auxiliary resources.
4. A district, diocese, or other group of churches could create a regional campaign using the book to welcome in unchurched and de-churched people – including the children and grand-children of existing church members.
5. Churches in struggle and transition could use the book to create a year of new beginnings.
The book speaks to a wide range of people – from the religiously knowledgeable with lots of “pew time” to absolute beginners who are new to the faith, and from the more conservative to the more progressive. It offers liturgical resources, well-thought-out questions for conversation, and guidelines for honest and heartfelt engagement.
Groups can begin using the book starting at Chapter 1 in September 2014, or at any point before or after, starting at the appropriate place in the church year.
If you would like to additional information about how this book could be of use to those you serve, my publisher and I would like to help. Just email your name and address to
These are exciting times, full of challenge and possibilities. Of all my books, this is the one that I think has the most potential to help you and the churches you serve to explore “a new kind of Christianity,” practice “a generous orthodoxy,” and “make the road by walking.” We’re all in this together!
Brian D. McLaren