Nearly fell out of my chair …

A reader writes:

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book “Everything Must Change.” I must say that I nearly fell out of my chair, as I read your two burning questions:
1- What are the biggest problems in the world today?
2- What do the life and teachings of Jesus have to say about these problems?
Because of my spiritual awakening a few years ago, I walked through the dark nights of my soul, and emerged on the other side born-again. I entered this, years long inner journey, a wounded Christian and emerged on the other side one with God. Through the loving grace of God, I was lead to the pearly gates and entered the kingdom of Heaven. In this inner kingdom, I discovered that everything Jesus spoke of has been available to us all along, but in my Christian upbringing, I had never been taught how to access it. My experience helped me uncover the “how to steps” to Jesus’ teachings.
My work, for the past 4 to 5 years has been sharing answers to your questions, not only so I could experience a deep and unshakable connection with God, but also for my own spiritual healing, which I call “whole-ing,” as well as the healing of my clients, family, and friends.
I am very excited that you are coming to speak at my church, Sandy Springs Christian Church, in Atlanta, GA, in March, 2011. While you are in town, I would love to meet with you and share my answers to your questions. I am blessed to be in a position where my work, is not only my life’s purpose, but is also one of my greatest source of fun and joy, as I share the truth that has set me free!
I am truly grateful to have found your book, and look forward to being exposed to more of your work. Years ago, I had an inner knowing that one day, I would return to the Christian community and share the good news that God is magnificent. And that each and everyone of us has the divine birthright to experience the kingdom of heaven – NOW! The world’s crisis has created an opening and I am ready to step it up a notch. Thank you for inspiring me with your book.

Thanks so much for your note. Long-time readers will see that my more recent books haven’t moved on from the topic of Everything Must Change – I think I’ve been marked for life by the writing of that book. Instead, my more recent books are trying to approach the same issues (the four global crises described in the book) from a variety of angles … pastoral, theological, and formational. I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks in Atlanta – and I trust that we’ll be able to get a cup of coffee. Thanks for writing.