Native Americans in Greenwich CT

Whenever I can, I mention the need for today’s Americans to understand and heal the wounds inflicted by our ancestors (and continuing to today) upon the native peoples of Turtle Island (North America).

After speaking at Courage and Faith in Greenwich CT, a woman came up and told me how she shares my concern, especially because her grandfather was one of the first governors of North Dakota. She sent me this note:

My great-grandfather, an early Governor of North Dakota (elected in 1892), would have voted a STRONG ‘YES’ FOR THE INDIANS in the current oil pipeline battle, and on his and our country’s behalf I ask that YOU VOTE ‘YES’, TOO. Governor E. C. D. Shortridge’s legendary battles for FAIRNESS are what defined the man. “His sterling worth, sound judgment, and honesty of purpose have won the esteem of all with whom he has been brought in contact.” And “His administration was run entirely in the interest of the people.”, both quotations from The Higher Officials of the United States, J. F. McBride, Longenecker & Co., Chicago, 1893.