My New Book – What You Should Know!

I’m thrilled to announce that Faith After Doubt will release on January 5 — in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats. You can preorder now.

If you’d like to give a signed copy of the book as a Christmas/holiday gift, you can go to this site after you’ve preordered the book, and we’ll provide you with 1) a signed bookplate to insert in the book when it arrives and 2) a note you can print out to give on Christmas morning (or whenever you exchange gifts). Here’s where you can sign up.

Faith After Doubt is for you if you have doubts about God, Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, church, or religion in general. 

If you don’t have doubts of any kind — even secretly,  Faith After Doubt isn’t for you. But it may be a good gift for you to share with one of your kids, grandkids, friends, relatives, or coworkers who do struggle with doubt. Your pastor may even find it helpful, because it presents a four-stage approach to faith development that not only makes room for doubt — it sees doubt as essential to a growing and healthy faith.

This may be my most helpful book for seminarians to read … to help them prepare themselves to guide and support future parishioners who struggle with doubt.

Science, politics, history, archeology, bad experiences with religious leaders and communities … there are so many good reasons for doubts to arise in the minds and hearts of honest, sensitive people today. I wrote Faith After Doubt to help you honestly face your doubts and know — you don’t have to hide or pretend.

PS – Here’s the starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.