Movements and Institutions

Two Huffington Post articles recently caught my attention …
This article on the world social forum is a reminder of how financial elites typically run institutions (even in so-called democracies), and how they must be challenged by vibrant social movements.
As someone who was invited to the World Economic Forum at Davos a few years ago, I differ from the author in thinking that the Davos gathering is nothing more than a gathering of the powerful to accumulate more power. The people I met struck me as sincere and committed to working on “our biggest problems.” That disagreement aside, I think it’s fascinating to observe and reflect on these two “World Forums.”
This article also deals with the challenge of building momentum (i.e. a movement) among and across institutions toward solving global problems via the MDG’s:
All of this resonates with issues I grappled with in Everything Must Change, and continue to grapple with every day.