moved me to tears and action

A reader writes …

Your book, The secret message of Jesus(which I am only half thru-on chapter 15), has moved me beyond words. I was raised Anglican,(or Episcopalian) fairly liberal, left the church for years, went back 18 years or so ago, and floated around many congregations-Unitarians, Presby’s, Baptists….always feeling out of sync with my beliefs as compared to other Church Members, always at odds with Doctrine, always struggling with what to teach my kids about religious belief, and reading everything I could get my hands on. There have been glimmers in other books that I’ve found , of what I know to be the truth of Jesus’ message, but nothing like this. It has resonated in my heart and mind, and moved me to tears and to action. It has convicted me and given me the courage to stay present and involved in the kingdom and that I am on the right path-no matter what racist, homophobic, soul destroying, nonsense other people tell me is “Biblical”. I have never written to an author or celebrity before this, but I just had to express my thanks to you. I have been praying and seeking for so long-and I think I have finally “found”.
Thank you so much and may God bless you in the work of His Kingdom and continue to reveal Truth to your soul,

Thanks for these kind and encouraging words. I share your sense of relief and hope – that in Jesus’ core message of God’s kingdom (or sacred ecosystem or dance or peace revolution or whatever we may call it) there is the truth we have been seeking. The more I engage with it, year after year, the richer it becomes to me.