More Ready Than You Realize


This is a book about sharing your faith. It’s based on a series of emails exchanged between a bright and sincere young seeker and me, and its goal is to help people learn how/to be “spiritual friends” to others who are searching for a faith that is real.
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Publisher’s Description

A book on evangelizing postmoderns by an experienced pastor-writer who is successfully involved in it.
This is not just another book on evangelism. It’s a simple idea of evangelism through friendship first, and the opportunities to share your faith that follow. It will bring friendships you already have to a new levels, and create opportunities for new, authentic friendships with those you will eventually meet.
Evangelism as sales pitch, as conquest, as warfare, as ultimatum, as threat, as proof, as argument, as entertainment, as show, as monologue, as something you have to do.
Disciple-making as conversation, as friendship, as influence, as invitation, as companionship, as challenge, as opportunity, as conversation, as dance, as something you get to do.
You’re more ready for this than you realize, and so are your friends!

Reviews for More Ready Than You Realize

“One staff member at our store began reading this book, and kept talking about it. I began reading it–now another staff person is reading it. So we have this book back on the lunch-room table, with 4 markers stuck throughout the book! It has caused my staff to re-examine their way of dealing with wayward kids and friends.”
Irene Krall, Manager, Good News Bookstore — Coshocton, OH
“The First Port of Call for Students of Evangelism”
Leonard Sweet -Author, SoulTsunami
“My only question after reading Brian’s new book is: Does Alice have any other writing published? But seriously, Brian has helped rescue us from pushy sales techniques, 17 verses of “Just as I am” while we wait for those in the balcony, and of course big hair. This book make me want to reach for the volume knob…”
Rob Bell -Teaching Pastor, Mars Hill Bible Church —

Barclay Press Review
of More Ready Than You Realize, by Orville Winters.

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