Moral Capitalism and Immoral Consumption: The Other Election

Here’s my most recent piece at Huffington Post:
A quote:

Like Rev. [Clay] Thomas, I’m part of a growing movement of people who realize that there is a moral dimension to capitalism. With every purchase, our dollars “vote” for companies. Of course, some companies have better prices and products than others – but that’s not the end of the story. Some companies are more careful of the environment than others. Some companies take better care of their employees than others. Some companies are more responsive to the community than others. Some companies work harder to ensure well-being down their supply chains than others.
Because of our moral commitments – rooted in our faith commitments, more and more of us don’t stop with price and product quality – we’re concerned about justice and corporate responsibility too.
So more and more of us want to reward the more responsible companies with our business. That’s especially true regarding food. Since we need it every day, we understand that we are connected by the food we eat to the stores that sell the food, the transporters who ship it, the farmers who grow it, and the workers who plant and harvest it.