Matara project, Burundi …

It has been a real joy for me to play a very small part in seeing this dream become a reality: a group of Twa people, landless and marginalized for hundreds of years, have been helped to acquire land which, with expert agricultural and agronomical guidance, they are developing themselves. Their pride is palpable and beautiful … I had a chance to visit with them last week in Burundi.
You’ll see the men making bricks, the women creating a new field. The children attend school nearby – also something new and wonderful.
They’ve cleared harmful Australian gum trees and created terraced farming space to prevent erosion. They’re raising potatoes, beans, cassava (their staple), goats, rabbits, bananas, and other green vegetables. They’ve built basic houses and latrines, and they’ll be improving their houses as time goes on. All of this has been supported by a community democracy they’ve implemented.
Thanks to Community for Burundi for their support in making this happen … and special appreciation to the Twa community themselves for organizing and working together in such a beautiful way.