Hi, all –
January and February have been full and full of surprises, almost all of them happy ones. Here’s what’s ahead for March and April:
1. On March 1st, I’ll be in Dallas with Life in the Trinity Ministries, finishing my overview of the Bible. Sorry – this one is sold out and there’s no more room. BUT – soon the whole set of CD’s will be available for your listening pleasure. Stay tuned …
2. On the 8th, I’ll be speaking in Madison Wisconsin …
3. Then on the 9th I’ll be in Lancaster, PA.
4. On the 11th I’ll be in Washington DC.
5. I’m hoping to be present for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers action in Lakeland, 15 March – still working on details.
6. On the 20th I’ll be in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
7. Then on April 4-5, I’ll be in Portland, OR, with the Sabeel Conference.
8. April 15-25, I’ll be in New Zealand. Here are the details:

Fri 18, “Convermersion” at St John’s Theological College, Auckland
Sat 19, “Convermersion” at New Plymouth West Baptist, New Plymouth
Sun 20, TBC
Mon 21, “Convermersion” at Te Ara Hou Village, Hamilton
Wed 23, “Dancing to a New Tune Workshop” (9.30am-3.30pm) and “The Bible, Church & 21st Century (Café discussion 7-9pm)
Thu 24, Boulcott Seminar (“Convermersion”) at Wellington Central Baptist, Wellington
Fri 25, Discussion with Wellington Central, Wellington (10am-2pm approx.)

9. Then I’ll be in Buffalo, NY, on 29 April.
You can get information on all these events by going here.