lots of doubts after years of certainty

A friend recently sent me an email that included the following:

Looking forward to your new book Faith after Doubt.  It sounds like a book that I need. Lots of doubts after years of certainty. I think it’s part of a process of letting go to go deeper into what is.

Those seven words, “lots of doubts after years of certainty,” tell a story that so many can identify with. For some, personal suffering nudges their faith into re-examination. For some, it’s watching religious institutions decompose through internal corruption or bizarre political alliances. For some, it’s watching the faith they inherited from their parents not even work for their parents. For some, it’s just growing up and being able to think for themselves.

My friend’s ten words — a “process of letting go to go deeper into what is” – beautifully/painfully capture the process I try to describe in my upcoming book, Faith After Doubt.

It comes out January 5, but you can pre-order now, and we’ll soon be making some advanced chapters available. Later this month I’ll be recording the audiobook version.

I’m so happy that this resource will soon be available.