Los Angeles CA, October 13-14 –

Two friends told me today they’re thinking about giving up. They feel that the world is falling apart, and they’re losing hope.
I know how they feel. But I don’t think the world is falling apart. I think the stories we’ve been telling ourselves about the world are falling apart. And the failure of a story we have lived by is a terrible, depressing, terrifying thing.
The good news is that the failure of our existing stories can pave the way for the discovery and embrace of a better story. That’s what we’ll be exploring together in Los Angeles this fall. I hope you can be there.
Human beings are storytellers, and the stories we tell shape our lives for the better or worse. As my Irish friend Gareth Higgins puts it, “Stories can be shelters that heal, or prisons that destroy.” I’m really excited to announce that Gareth and I have been collaborating on a new project that aims to transcend the kinds of stories that hurt us, and to find ways into a different kind of story. We’re hosting an event in the Los Angeles area this October, aimed at not just telling, but experiencing what we call The Seventh Story.
I’d love to see you there – we’ll be forming a temporary community energized for the task of living well and serving the common good in an age of anxiety and separation. It will be challenging and fun, the company will be great, and there will even be a few surprises. It is our sincere intent to host an event that will help make all of our lives better.
Here’s how we’re handling the registration for the event – it costs $179, but we’re offering it for a $49 deposit, and then inviting a further pledge at the event itself – based purely on the resources you have available, and the benefit you feel you have received. In other words, you can pay whatever you like, from the heart. $49 deposit secures your place. All we ask is that you register soon if you’re interested – it will help us with planning. More details are at this link.